MLS Move Delayed For Rodgers

21 04 2010

Rodgers (left) being marked by Bury's Tom Newey. Photo by David Ingham

Luke Rodgers is still struggling to obtain a Visa to allow him to work in the United States and join the New York Red Bulls.

It had previously been expected from all the sound bites the NY management and coaching staff had been giving that Luke’s move was just a matter of days away from completion.

However yesterday Red Bulls boss Hans Backe gave the first indication that things might take longer than that to allow Rodgers to feature in the MLS.

“It will take time, weeks,” said the Swede who has previously worked as Sven Goran Eriksson’s assistant at Mexico and Manchester City. “I’m not sure it will be a deal in June. If we’re lucky he gets the Visa earlier, but it seems to be a problem.”

The problem stems from Luke’s previous criminal convictions over the last eight years. The franchise still believes at this moment that they will get their man. Backe believes he is just what New York need to achieve his personal goal of winning the US Open Cup this season and winning the MLS crown in 2011.

“He’s the player we need for the balance in the team with his pace,” Hans said of the striker he coached for seven weeks when he was in charge of Notts County . “That’s why I think I can be patient and just wait.”

Here is the previous update for EFA on Luke Rodgers’ move to New York.

Quotes taken from the New York Post




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