Video – David Beckham on Good Morning America

26 04 2010

Photo by Nathan Forget

David Beckham was interviewed on American television today as he appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America.

Beckham who is back in Los Angeles to be with his family traveled to Manhattan, New York to be on the show which is a staple of US morning TV.

David spoke on his Achilles tendon injury a month on, the feeling of the injury happening and how he was coping with the rehabilitation. He is still on crutches, which were visible on set behind his chair, recovering from the injury he picked up playing for Milan in a Serie A match on 14th March.

The presenters of the show raised the point of the ‘Beckham factor’ raising the profile of football in the country since his arrival at LA Galaxy in 2007. Becks admitted that they were “only half way there” in regard of the exposure of  the game in terms of the MLS and the US national team. He stated that the continuing development of the grass roots game is what is needed for the next step.

David also spoke about the up side of the injury, being able to spend more time with Victoria and his children. He talked about his family embracing American culture, especially his three boys taking part in traditional US sports.


As an extra piece to this post below is Beckham doing an Interview with on the same day he was on Good Morning America.




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