Tony Stokes Leaves Újpest & Gary Martin Follows

28 04 2010

Photo by Yabush

Tony Stokes has left Hungary to return to England after Újpest FC agreed to putting his contact on hold until the summer transfer window.

The 23 year old was allowed to leave before the end of the season as he was suffering from home sickness after spending just over a year in eastern Europe.

Stokes originally went to Újpest on loan from West Ham United, the club the Londoner first signed professional terms with, in February 2009.

He then went on to join the Hungarian outfit permanently in the following summer, signing a three year deal.

It remains to be seen the asking price Újpest FC will put on the English midfielder. On his departure, Stokes issued this statement through the club’s official website.

“I would firstly like to thank Újpest FC for giving me the chance to play at such a good club. I took a long time thinking about what to do before I arrived at the decision, that I would like to leave, subject to the club allowing this, and put my contract on hold. I am missing my family a lot. I found it hard to live alone in Hungary during the 14 months I was here.”

Tony also directed part of his message to the Újpest FC supporters.

“I really enjoyed playing for Újpest. I made many friends and also played with many good players. I will take with me many good memories of the club, like for example when we beat Debrecen 2-0 at home, or when we came from 2-0 down at Kaposvar, to win. I will never forget those two games with Steaua in the summer. I would like to thank the fans for their support towards me over the period that I was here.”

Middlesbrough’s Gary Martin has also returned from his loan spell at Újpest FC after being in Hungary for two months. The forward is being lined up for a summer move to Hartlepool, training one day a week with the North East side and spending the rest of the week at Boro.

Statement from Újpest FC official website.




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