Video – Steve McClaren on Dutch Football Show

30 04 2010

This weekend sees the climax to the Eredivisie title race where a FC Twente win would see the side from Enschude claim their first championship.  Steve McClaren would also be the first English manager to win a major European league (that’s including the Premier League) since Sir Bobby Robson won the Portuguese championship with Porto in 1996.

In build up to the weekend, we highlight an appearance McClaren made on the NOS Studio Voetbal TV Show in November last year. The best to describe the show would be like Sky’s ‘Goals on Sunday’ with more talk on current footballing events. At this point Twente were already on top of the league and beginning to raise real title beliefs within fans.

Now although the show is in Dutch, every part with McClaren is in English (over half of the show). Below each of the videos are the times of the parts in English and a brief summary over what is being discussed. The show is broken down into six parts and each is approximately ten minutes long.

Part 1 – 0:42-2:13

  • Steve talks about why he doesn’t speak Dutch
  • His moment of the week from the Eredivisie

Part 2 – 2:16-5:06, 5:38-6:11, 7:06-7:48

  • Club vs Country debate as Robin van Persie had just been injured at the time.
  • Twente defender Douglas playing for the Netherlands instead of his native Brazil
  • The number of hard tackles in today’s game compared to the seventies

Part 3 – 3:34-3:49, 5:47-10:53

  • The differences in press conferences between England and Netherlands
  • When Middlesbrough played AZ in the UEFA Cup
  • FC Twente in the Europa League
  • Profile on Steve McClaren
  • Twente midfielder Theo Janssen and player responsibilities

Part 4 – 0:00-10:57

  • The things Steve has done right at Twente
  • What went wrong with England
  • The aims of FC Twente

Part 5 – 0:00-4:37, 4:48-10:29

  • Training methods at Twente
  • The reason behind Steve always being late back to the bench in the second half
  • Steve McClaren as a player
  • More about Steve being England coach
  • Two English journalists give their views on McClaren

Part 6 – 0:00-6:24

  • McClaren’s future
  • The number of Dutch players at FC Twente
  • What will happen to Twente when Steve leaves the club



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